Essay on Education

Essay on education and its pros

Education has a lot of importance in our lives. Without this man can do nothing in his life. By education, we gain knowledge and skills.

Our education begins from our home and after this we go to school, college and other educational places to receive education.

Education brings positive change in our lives. By this it develops the skills, knowledge and wisdom of a person. By which a person’s life becomes successful.

Child Education: The child has to go to the school to get the primary education. It is considered to be the human right of every child to receive this education.

After completing the school education, we have to go to college and other educational institutions to get their education. From here we get graduates and many other degrees. We have to go to the professional  Institute to get the best professional education.

Adult Literacy: Illiteracy is a big evil in the society. An uneducated person has to face various problems in various aspects of his life, including writing and arithmetic.

Women’s education: Being educated in the society to enhance the reputation of women is very much needed. A learned woman can gain great importance in her social life and also develop personality.

Benefits of education

Through education, we receive modesty and make us aware. This strengthens our viewpoint. Through this, we become aware of all the things and life of the society.

Education provides us with excellence. With this we become irresponsible. After accepting the education, we begin to do all our work with excitement.

The learned person gets respect in society. Never let him offense.

By education we stand on our feet and become capable of earning our livelihood. After receiving education, we can get a good job which helps us earn our livelihood.

After acquiring education, we can also start our own good business. We also get professional knowledge through education.

The educated person can also help in writing and arithmetic.

By education, the problem of unemployment ends in society. Education brings new ways of doing business and professional advancement. Education makes society socially and artistic.


In the conclusion, the education of all of us has a lot of importance in life, this gives us a new identity. It is very difficult to live without it. Everyone has the right to get education and everyone should be educated.