Essay on women’s rights

Essay on women’s rights

Women Human Rights- A new concept is that the rights of women should be clearly explained because
Has been accepted in a different category and human rights have been included in extended ideas. An attempt to do this type of work was done during 1980 during the International Women’s Movement in a specific form of human excess. Now after the efforts of many women and men, it is believed that there is a different social and economic area than political and civil rights. In these areas, the omission of women has been ignored.

Women’s rights of women are not new. There is a great disparity in the right of men in earlier times. Both were not entitled to equal rights. Men have more rights than women In earlier times, women had the right to make a vacant household, they could not do the same work as Men, they were not even sent to school to get education. But in today’s time, women are allowed education too, they can achieve the same education as the whole world today and achieve similar qualities of equal work. In today’s times, women are giving equal competition to men in every region. The reason for this is that women are human rights. Through this, women have got to live an independent life. Women have been able to fulfill their entire dream from the human rights, before the emptied son’s authority was on the property of the father, but now the rights of the property are also included in human rights. After this, his daughter also had equal rights with the son on the father’s property.

Now the rights of women of all the countries are done to use the document. Now women have received all rights as men . The international recognition of the rights of the Women Human Rights is not implemented. Women is a very big and important step towards respecting and conducting human rights. In the year 1918 the representatives of the People’s Act were passed so that women got the right to vote. The women did not have the right to give first. Women can vote after the passage of this act, so that women will also get the opportunity to choose a government of their choice.

Today women have the following rights:

1.Right to Education

  1. Right to vote
  2. Right to get employment
  3. Right to Work
  4. Right to Property